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Maths and Numeracy

At St David’s RC Primary School, we aim to foster a love of mathematics and numeracy.  The discipline exists in all areas of life: nature, architecture, art, music, money and engineering.  Developing mathematical skills and concepts is key for pupils to be able to access fully other Areas of Learning and Experience within the curriculum.  Furthermore, numerical competency is essential to prepare our pupils for real life and employment. 

The Curriculum for Wales states that the following five proficiencies are key to learning in mathematics and numeracy:

  • Conceptual understanding
  • Communication using symbols
  • Fluency
  • Logical reasoning
  • Strategic competence

For the children at St David’s to develop their conceptual understanding of mathematical concepts, we encourage to use of concrete, hands-on equipment and objects for children to play with and explore number.  For example, children can engage with natural materials, counters, Deinnes blocks, bead-bars to secure their conceptual understanding of abstract ideas.  Following the children’s development of conceptual ideas, they are taught to communicate using symbols.   This enables the children to state their ideas on paper and to show how they have solved a problem.

In all maths lessons, pupils practice their fluency in number; this helps pupils to feel successful when working mathematically.  We keep number facts ‘on the boil’ through mental maths starters and games.  Following the introduction and practice of a new mathematical idea, pupils are given opportunities to apply their numeracy to a rich, authentic learning experience.  Often, this will allow pupils to apply a range of their numeracy skills to a real-life context.  Finally, solving problems and reasoning in maths and numeracy requires pupils to practice their strategic competence; they must grow in resilience when solving problems and have the confidence to try alternative methods at reaching a solution.