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Additional Learning Needs

Some children and young people who need extra help in nursery, school, pupil referral unit (PRU) or college do not have an ALN. This may be children or young people who just need some help catching up.

The extra support given to children with ALN to help them learn is called additional learning provision (sometimes called ALP). This must be written into a support plan called an individual development plan (IDP).  Additional learning provision for a child aged under 3 means educational provision of any kind.  Additional learning provision for a person aged 3 or over is education or training usually in a nursery, school, PRU or college that is additional to, or different from, what is made available to most children of the same age.

This means that additional learning provision is support that is made available usually in nursery, schools or colleges but most children or young people of the same age do not need to use this support to make progress.  Additional learning provision can be delivered by teachers, teaching assistants or tutors. It can also be delivered by specialist services like a speech and language therapist or teachers of the deaf

The school has a designated Additional Learning Needs Co-ordinator (ALNCo) – Mr Dobbs. The ALNCo liaises between staff, pupils, parents and outside agencies to ensure that the right support is in place for your child.

If you think your child has ALN please see your Child's Class Teacher.

For more information please follow..